Cast Iron Inspection

The quality of the cast iron is the foundation of CNC machines' lifetime and our brand.

Megan, therefore, builds the cast iron, especially saddle, slideway, ram, pedestal, etc. in house, using the state-of-the-art Japanese machine to assure the quality as well as the lead time. Our workers also use only the qualified products which have been stored for a long time and have passed through the strict vibration testing.

Accuracy Detection

At Megan, we know that even a small screw installation will affect the precision of the machines, so our workers utilize a dial indicator and marble to check all the horizontal and vertical surfaces to make sure they hold tight tolerances in every step.

Cast Assembling Inspection

The assembly of each cast has a great influence on the CNC machines' precision and stability, so our experienced craftsmen will hand scrape the surface of each joint to ensure they are in accordance with the industry standard.

Load Bearing Test
(CNC Milling Machine)

In order to satisfy your different processing needs, all our CNC machines will be loaded with more than 300 kg of iron and will run for 24 hours, during which our workers will be inspecting them carefully.

Positioning Accuracy Inspection

Laser interferometer is the best tool for the comprehensive evaluation of machine tools and coordinate measuring machines and also other positioning systems.

Megan's engineers conduct evaluation before mounting fittings as well as logistics.

Waterproof Test

Each Megan CNC machine will be releasing cutting fluid to cool down the cutting tool and remove the waste while working. Therefore, the compactness of the machines also has a big effect on your working efficiency and machines' longevity. Our professional workers guarantee that hardware parts will pass through the strict test before installation.

Laser Test

We know what error values affect the accuracy of the machine. The machine provides accurate, high-precision three-dimensional motion of the machine tool, measuring the true circular precision and mechanical geometric accuracy of the machine tool, allowing us to make corrections and fix imperfections.

Spindle Dynamic Balance Detection

Due to the high-speed operation, the spindle’s requirements for unbalance control are more stringent than the usual motor. Each spindle uses a dynamic balance analyzer to control the residual imbalance of the spindle within a certain range, suppressing the unbalanced vibration of the spindle during high-speed operation and ensuring the machining accuracy of the particular part.

Finished Product Test

Before shipping, all your machines will be tested and we will produce the precise part you need to ensure the precision, operation system, and the smoothness of each component’s operation to satisfy your business need.