Product Structures

Strength of Novel & Solid Design

Excellent Gantry Design

Gantry structure is our strength, popular at home and abroad.

This type of CNC machine is built on a one-piece cast iron, highly rigid door and double arms construction, which can improve your mold’s precision even in a high-speed machining process.

Premium Quality

Maximize Profitability for Your Operation.

No machine in the world can measure as accurately as human.

At Megan, each of the machines will be checked carefully through superb hand scraping performed by our experienced craftsmen, again and again. We promise the tight tolerance of our processing molds within 0.003mm.

One-stop Services

Feasible Solutions for Real-World Manufacturers

Each industry has its special requirements on CNC machines.

Our project managers take care of your needs throughout each phase that your product is going through; from our machine design to production to delivery to the manufacturing of your product, and finally, to the daily maintenance.

  • Analyzing your mold structure
  • Introducing a suitable CNC machine
  • Supervising the lead time of your machine
  • Offering a comprehensive technical support

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