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You can always get the latest CNC technology from Megan.  We’re growing up and working with FANUC, MITSUBISHI, SIEMENS together!


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Built on one-piece cast iron with hand-scraped headstock,our CNC machine satisfies a variety of applications.

Our Product Series

Mini Double Column CNC Milling Machines

PRV-GH Series

  • Unique design for molding making and metal processing, One-piece mini-double column structure.
  • Max. table load 800/1000kg.
  • Only PRV1165GH / PRV-850GH are available.

Double Column CNC Milling Machines

DRV Series

  • Double Column Structure ranging from 1000 to 6000mm
  • Gear Type Milling Head is available for Heavy Cut
  • High Efficiency and Productivity for Automobile Mold. Mold Base Processing

Profitable CNC Milling Machine

PRV Series

  • Common One-piece C type Machine Cast
  • Profitable Machine for Metal Machining and Mold Processing
  • Model from 600*500mm to 1800*900mm

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The Ulitmate FAQ Guide for CNC Milling Machine


This FAQ guide will help you make the right choice when choosing an industrial CNC milling machine.


The guide includes specific factors you need to consider before you get a CNC milling machine.


How Does CNC Milling Machine Work?


The CNC milling machine consists of a controller that works together with a series of drive components and motors that control machine axes. It can perform 3D machining, you can put the technical drawing into reality by the CNC machine.


The CNC controller is the brain of the CNC Milling Machine, it gives the order, accepting the order, and gives a response to the driven motor.


It makes metal processing work more easily, higher efficient, and more accurate.


3 axis CNC Milling


How to Select the Right CNC Milling Machine Supplier from China?

Selecting the right CNC milling machine supplier should be one of your top priorities. Getting the right supplier will ensure you get an efficient and authentic CNC milling machine and save your time and cost.

The following procedures will be helpful for your choice:


  • Perform research on the suppliers in China


Get an initial quotation from potential suppliers. You can google it,  search it on B2B platforms, ask your friends, or go to a professional exhibition if there happened to be a suitable one.


  • Address the district supplier you want to target


Visit their factory, if you have a big plan on purchasing CNC milling machines. If not, ask them to have an on-site video call with you.  Maybe a short video introduction about their abilities in manufacturing CNC Milling Machines.


  • Check the supplier’s professionalism


This is the most vital part to affect you to make the decision. You must have your own target before purchasing a CNC Milling Machine, like increasing productivity, Start a new project, etc. Let the supplier know what’s your aim.


To meet your requirement, the supplier should prepare technical quotation short instructions for their solution. from your daily communication, you can feel the difference. Like, Timing, Professional Reply on some certain question with the picture and video, Attitude, and other factors.


  • Check their product’s design, value, and functionality


Compare the CNC milling machines’ specifications, accessories, production capability, price, warranty, lead time, etc.


If the supplier couldn’t meet with your requirement, ask them why, and see if they can overwhelm it. How they solve your problems also helps you to know more about them.

How to Choose a CNC Milling Machine Before Purchasing?

If you clearly know what CNC Milling Machine brand you’re looking for, it is easier. Go to the CNC machine distributor or agent to get pricing.


If you have no idea about the product at all, here goes some points for you to check out.


Generally speaking, mold shop CNC Milling Machine is different from CNC Metal cutting Machines.


For a mold shop, it mostly processes cavity, core, and Mold base. Check which part you’re involved in.


cnc machining

plastic injection mold



If you have lots of same products to be machined or a CNC metal processing factory, maybe you’re doing aluminum processing, stainless steel processing or steel processing, etc., high speed and high production capability might be the key factors.


1.Estimate the largest size of your parts


Compare it with the travel of the CNC Milling Machine,

For example, if the part size is 600*500*300mm, you’d better select machine travel be the same as or larger than that, for example, 800*500*400mm.


2.Are you doing Fine processing or Rough processing?


For a mold shop, if you’re making cavity, core, or sliders. The CNC spindle speed should be 12000RPM or 15000RPM direct connection.

If you’re making a mold base, maybe a CNC spindle with 8000-10000RPM is enough.

For a VMC machining factory, CNC spindle speed with 12000RPM or 15000RPM even higher rotation speed is a good choice, and CNC table moving speed should be around 24m/min to 48m/min.


3.Are you going make a heavy cut?


If the weight of your part is below 300KG, the linear way will give a faster moving speed, which makes your processing higher efficient and give you better roughness。

If it is heavily loaded, the hard way might be most useful.


4.Which Controller is best?


You can do a surveyor to your CNC operator, or get suggestions from your friends. Brands like FANUC, MITSUBISHI, SIEMENS, SYTECH, FAGOR, and GSK are all popular worldwide.


You can also take their local service as a reference too.


Heavy cut


Which Controller should I select, FANUC or MITSUBISHI?


In mainland China, Fanuc is popular with its FANUC 0i MF 1, and FANUC 0i MF 5. And its driven motor has 2 versions, alpha(α) and beta (β).


MITSUBISHI is popular with its M80A and M80B.


Most Chinese mold shop chose FANUC 0i MF as their favorite CNC controller, as it is very easy to hire the operators, also they think FANUC 0i MF controller has a better performance in corner processing and sphere processing.




What is the Difference Between a 3-axis CNC Milling Machine, 4-axis CNC Milling Machine, and 5-axis CNC Milling Machine?


Different milling tasks require specific axial CNC milling machine type to make their processing easier and perfect.


3-axis CNC Milling Machine


A CNC Mill basically has three axes which are the X, Y, and Z-axis. Thus, it is the most commonly used milling machine.


Normally, when we talk about a CNC mill, what it means is a 3-axis CNC machine.


The table’s side to side movement is the X-axis, the table’s front to back movement is the Y-axis, and the vertical ram’s upward and downward movement is the Z-axis.


You can drill holes, mill slots, and surface, perform tapping, boring, and other works with a 3-axis CNC mill.


3 axis cnc milling machine


4-axis CNC Milling Machine


With a rotary table on the 3-axis machine’s table, you will get the 4th axis movement called the A-axis.


Taking the TJR rotary table as a perfect illustration of the 4-axis milling machine;


There is a Vertical and Horizontal type rotary table.


the 4th axis rotary table

Also, you can select whether it should be hydraulic or Pneumatic driven.


You can even decide if the driven motor of the 4th axis should go in the left, right, or rear side.


The rotary tailstock helps to make precise processing, especially if the part size is long and flat.


the 4th axis tailstock


With the help of the 4th axis, you can finish more complicated tasks and save time. One of its downsides is that it limits the working space.


You have to adjust the leveling and accuracy of the 4th axis if it needs reinstalling, but with the height blocks, it becomes easier.


Make a precise height block for the rotary table and tailstock. In conditions where you don’t need the 4th axis, loosen the fixing screws, and then you can remove the 4th axis from the working table.


It is hard to assemble the 4th axis if the whole machine is finished, so ensure that you think critically before you confirm the entire machine’s accessories to the CNC machine supplier.


The 4th axis CNC milling machi


5-axis Milling Machine

Just like the 4th axis CNC milling machine, you can put a rotary table on the 3-axis CNC milling machine.


But this rotary table is different. It is called ‘3+2’, or ‘4+1’ type 5-axis manufacturing.


Some CNC milling machine manufacturers design special structures that enhance cutting operations.


5 axis cnc milling machine


In the picture below, the X, Y-axis movement of the machine is performed by the horizontal ram and the Z-axis movement is performed by the vertical ram. The rotary table takes the place of the working table, which makes it 5-axis.


5 axis CNC milling machine


What is the Difference Between Horizontal CNC Milling Machine and Vertical CNC Milling Machine?


When we talk about the CNC Milling Machine, we mostly refer to the vertical CNC milling machine.


But, considering the spindle direction, there are horizontal CNC mills and vertical CNC mills.


If the spindle centerline is parallel with the ground, the machine is a horizontal CNC milling machine.


If the spindle centerline is vertical with the ground, it is a vertical CNC milling machine.


Horizontal CNC milling machines have shorter and thicker cutting tools compared to the VMC milling machines.


They also perform deeper and heavier cuts than the VMC milling machines.


horizontal CNC Milling Machine

horizontal cnc milling machine


How to Make CNC Milling Machines?


Generally speaking, a small CNC milling machine contains a machine cast, controller, electronic components, and other parts. a machine cast, it has a ram, pedestal, working table, spindle, ball screws, slideways, and other parts.


All the parts need processing according to your accuracy requirement and scraping is needed where two parts join.


Choose the right ball screw, spindle, and slider way; these parts are the vital parts of the whole CNC mill and you have to make sure they’re right.


Assemble them together with high human experience; as it matters a lot. Only professional engineers know how to perfectly assemble and connect the parts.


Then assemble the controller, driven motor, and the electric components.


You can now start the machine, but you should know that it is still far away from perfect use.


You can set the limit station, noise test, vibration test, three axes motor responding test, coolant pump test, leakage test, and procedure program instruction, and so on.


Every step matters in the assemblage of the tool so you should make sure you follow the procedures duly.


The final step you should take is the real cutting test, and you should be certain that the test is productive.


After completing the procedures above, you can proceed to ship your small CNC milling machine to your customers.


What are Parts for CNC Milling Machines?


The CNC milling machine consists of different parts that work together to provide a quality result.


Here are some parts of a small CNC milling machine.


Pedestal: It is made of iron cast. The commonly used iron cast is HT250/HT300.  It is the basement to hold the saddle and ram.


Ram: This vertical component provides structure and support to other parts of the machine. Measure the ram’s width/ height, and check its shape for comparison.


Saddle: The saddle is the component located at the top of the knee. It supports the worktable and can move parallel to the axis of the spindle.


Operation Interface This component is what the operator uses to load, initiate, and execute the machine’s program.


Spindle: The spindle runs and holds the machine tool employed. An electric motor is situated in the column that drives the spindle.


Working table: The worktable is the component located on the saddle. It supports the material fastened to it.


cnc milling machine parts


Below are some accessories for the CNC milling machine that make processing more efficient and accurate.


Auto Tool Changer (also called Tool Magazine): This is a device used for loading with multi-tools. It can be loaded from 16 to 30 and even 48 pieces.


Auto tool changer


There is an arm type and umbrella type. The one for the double-column CNC milling machine is called the chain type.


Central Coolant Spindle: It is a very special coolant that has strict and high requirements for the quality of its part and also the design of its application.


CNC spindle

Rotary Table: This is for upgrading a 3-axis CNC machine to a 4-axis CNC mill.


Rotary Table

Auto Chip conveyor: With this device, 75% of machining chips would be gathered together. There are spiral type and chain type, both of them help to ensure the machine’s longevity.


auto chip conveyor


How to Install a CNC Milling Machine?


To Install a Vertical CNC mill, first, you should get enough necessary information you’re your CNC milling machine supplier. For example, an installation guide, package information guide. The best way is to ask your machine supplier to record a video, especially for the installation.


When you have the machine on-site, first thing is to remove all the fixtures on the machine. To make sure the safety during shipping, the CNC milling machine manufacturer will fix the moving parts like 3 axes, spindle, tool magazine, and other moving parts by screws, brackets, and other fixtures. Do remove all the fixing parts, or it might hurt the machine components.


CNC Milling Machine Installation


Second, clean all the anti-rust oil. The sea shipping might cause rust on the machine’s working table, spindle, and any iron parts, so the supplier did lots of precautions to prevent this.


But the anti-rust oil is very thick and sticky, you have to clean it with gas or other material, then lubricate it with lubrication oil.


            install cnc milling machine


Third, Assemble all the dismantled parts back to its right position. Sometimes you need to assemble machine covers, motors, and other devices. Due to container size limitation and to save the shipping cost, the factory will dismantle some parts, and make sure the machine could be loaded into the general container.


A responsible supplier should tell you how they dismantle the parts and how to fix it before the machine’s packing. Ask them to prepare everything in detail.




Fourth, leveling the machine. Find the leveling pedestals and put them into the leveling hole, adjust the leveling bolt to make the machine at a horizontal position.




Fifth, Connect the machine with the power supply. China voltage is 380V, 3PHASE,50HZ, if your country’s voltage is different from that, do remind it to your supplier before placing the order.


But at this time, double-check it again before starting the machine.


CNC milling machine voltage stablizer


Sixth, once the machine is power on, start the spindle from low speed to high, test 3 axis moving speed, and check the 4th axis’ function slowly. If you hear any noise or find anything wrong, stop, and communicate with your supplier immediately.


CNC controller


If everything goes well, Congratulations! Finally, you can start tooling now!


How to Operate a CNC Milling Machine?


To operate a CNC mill, make sure that the operator is well trained and could read the program.


Do not ask a fresh man to operate the machine, it might cause danger!


Open the front door, load your working piece on the CNC working table, and fix it tightly.


Put the coolant cutting fluid to the right position, and add enough lubrication oil.


Insert all the tools you need into the spindle and auto tool changer, make sure that all the processing tools are in their right position, check their numbers with the program again.


Find the zero point first according to your program, and then start cycle tooling.


Near 90% of your task could be finished through the control panel.


You can instruct the program into the controller, do programming work on it, start or stop the spindle, start or stop any axis’s movement, giving an order to the 4th axis, start the auto chip conveyor, start spindle oil coolant, heat exchanger and coolant pump, etc.


Generally, once the program is ordered to do cycle operation, it will automatically change the tools, and stops working while every step is finished, unless something is wrong with your order.


Do Not open the front door or window of the CNC mill, in case the part or tools hurt you.


How to Maintain the CNC Milling Machine?


Your maintenance staff or machine operator needs to basic maintenance job. Here go some tips for your maintenance work:


1.Daily Work


Cleaning of chip tray and covers

Hydraulic fluid parameter check

Lube parameter check

Air pressure check

Cooling system parameter check

Lubrication oil check


cnc machine maintenance


2.For every 1000 hours of operation or every quarter, your maintenance staff should do these:


  • Coolant tank cleaning
  • Chuck and jaw disassembly and cleaning
  • Hydraulic tank oil change
  • Cleaning of hydraulic oil line and suction filter
  • Cleaning and straightening of the radiator fins
  • Lubrication replenishment
  • Checking of machine leveling
  • Replacement of broken wipers
  • Cooling system maintenance


Here goes the oil number that you might need to maintain the CNC Milling Machine:


No.NameRecommended OilQuantityRemark
1Cutting Fluid

Mobilemet 424,


1 Barrel (200L)For coolant the tools
2Slideway OilGreat Wall T681 Barrel 18LFor Lubrication pump
3Hydraulic OilMobile DTE24 (T100)1 Barrel (100L)For Gear type Milling head and Cylinder for tool magazine


How to Select the CNC Machine for a Mold Shop or a Machining Shop?


As you know, a mold shop needs a CNC milling machine, die-sinking EDM, milling machine, surface grinding machine, etc. but their CNC milling machine has little difference from a machining shop.


To make more profit, CNC mills in a machining shop must have higher efficiency and capacity. Chinese machining shop would like to choose the machine with higher spindle speed, for example, 12000,15000RPM.


They prefer roller type linear way instead of ball-type linear way, and 3 axes moving speed must be at least 24m/min.


Even the controller makes difference either, MITSUBISHI M80B and FANUC 0i MF(5) are the two favorite ones in the local China market. If you don’t have enough budget, SIEMENS 828D, and GSK 25Mb are also not bad.


An auto tool magazine with 24 stations will greatly help your working efficiency.


But for a Mold shop, you may also need higher spindle speed, as it makes your cavity and core a better appearance. And as the mold needs heavy cut more than metal machining, so a mold CNC mill requires high rigidity and stability.


Take model 850 as an example, a CNC mill factory might have 2 or 3 similar models, you have to check their cast’s design and size.


But for the 3 axes moving speed, 20m/min also works.


You don’t really need a tool magazine in fact.


Even the slideway could be X, Y linear way, Z-axis with hardway.


CNC milling machine with hardway


As for the controller, FANUC 0i MF(1) is the top choice in mainland China, the mold worker thinks that this controller has a better performance in corner machining, semi-sphere processing, and continuous curved surface processing.



How to inspect the CNC Milling Machine before Delivery?


If you have a chance to inspect the CNC milling machine and visit the CNC manufacturer for further cooperation.


Take the technical specification and parts list that confirmed by both parties with you. Here goes a checking list which might be helpful for you.


Ask your CNC machine supplier prepare the following files for reference:


1.Production Record


A well-organized factory should have its standard working flow, and their employee should follow that chart, and the management should keep it before its delivery.


Inspection Record


2.Accuracy Inspect Record


As a precise CNC metal cutting machine, accuracy is the most vital part. Check their record and you will know if the machine is qualified or not.


Laser Inspection Machine


3.Video or photo during production.

4.Quality Assurance card

5.Packing list


After you confirm everything, make a list or even out a mark on the vital parts. So you can check it again when you have it in your own place.


How to Scrape the CNC Milling Machine?


As you may know that scraping work is a fully manual human work. It enlarges the touching surface between the two metal surfaces and then keeps the machine’s accuracy for a long time.

Scraping position

Scraping work is performed by a very experienced worker, using a scraping tool.


The worker using his crotch to hold the scrape tool handle, and hold the scraping tool with two hands, then scrape the joint surface between the two metal parts.


scraping work

The operator will mop a red lead powder on where he scraped, so it can easily check if the surface is well scraped. For example, in 25*25mm square, the “red dots” should be around 8-12. And all the dots should be average inside the area.



After scraping, the machine’s accuracy could reach to:


  1. Straightness is less than 0.03/1000mm
  2. Flatness is less than 0.02/300mm
  3. Verticality is less than 0.03/1000mm


Why Oil Coolant is Necessary for a CNC Milling Machine?


Spindle oil coolant is an accessory to make sure the spindle is coolant.


You know that the spindle and the tool will generate great heat during processing metal. Although there is coolant fluid working, it makes the tool cool only.


For high-speed spindles such as 10000RPM, 12000RPM, 15000RPM, even higher, a spindle oil coolant is a necessary part to keep its long life.


Spindle Oil Coolant


Is the Auto Tool Magazine necessary for your CNC Milling Machine?


Auto Tool magazine is a device that holds the tools, it could save the manual tool changing time during complicated metal processing.


There are 14T,20T,24T,40T,48T, etc, also BT40, BT50 which is according to spindle taper.


Take AIMACH auto tool magazine, for example, a 14T/16T/21T auto tool changer is a standard accessory for a CNC drilling and tapping machine.


Tool Magazine

                       Auto Tool Magazine for CNC Drilling and Tapping Machine


24T,30T arm type tool magazine is a popular choice for  Vertical CNC Milling Machine.


And Chain type auto tool magazine is a special accessory for the double-column CNC milling machine.


Tool Magazine



How to Inspect the Accuracy of CNC Milling Machine?


A CNC Milling machine’s accuracy is mainly inspected in 2 ways. One is mechanic accuracy, the other is positioning accuracy.


For mechanic accuracy, you need to prepare a dial indicator and square marble, normally it is finished by the CNC manufacturer before they start to assemble the whole machine.


Quality Checking


Second is the positioning accuracy, it is tested by the laser testing machine. If this accuracy is not good, it means that the axis’ forward and reverse movement is not accurate, which will cause the oval instead of a circle, and parallelogram instead of square, etc.


When the laser testing machine got the tolerance from the machine, it can be compensated for a certain value. But if it is over 0.005mm, it should be scraped for correction.


Laser Inspection Machine



Can the CNC Milling Machine Cut Wood or Plastic?


No matter the vertical CNC milling machine or the horizontal CNC milling machine, they cannot process wooden at all.


Hard Plastic like LCP. POM etc could be processed, but seldom customs choose this machine due to budget.


It mostly processes metal parts like aluminum, steel, stainless steel, iron cast.


10 Popular Brand CNC Milling Machine Worldwide




DMG MORI is a joint venture by DMG from German and MORISEKI from Japan. It integrates the advantages of both great companies. Their Vertical CNC milling machine, Horizontal CNC Milling Machine, 3-axis, 4-axis, 5 axis CNC machine, and CNC turning Center are top level in the world.






GF Machining Solutions is the world’s leading provider of machines, automation solutions, and services to the tool and mold making industry and to manufacturers of precision components. The product range includes electric discharge machines, high-speed and high-performance milling machines, and laser texturing machines as well as clamping and palletization systems, services, spare parts and expendable parts, consumables and automation solutions. High precision tools and molds are the competitive edge in the serial manufacture of demanding consumer goods.






Okuma is one of the CNC machine manufacturers with 100 years’ experience in Japan. Its CNC lathe, CNC turning machine, horizontal CNC milling machine, double column CNC machine and CNC grinding machine are very popular worldwide. Its annual sales over 7000sets in 2006.






MAKINO was founded 80years ago, now their horizontal machine center, 3 axes, 5 axis CNC milling machine, die-sinking EDM, wire cut EDM machine has been sold to 41 countries around the world.






JAPAN MAZAK was founded in 1919, near a 100-year machine manufacturer. It mainly supplies CNC lathe, CNC turning Machine, Vertical CNC machine center, Horizontal CNC machine center, CNC laser machine, etc. It has 10 factories in worldwide.






German GROB was founded in 1926, in Munich. As an international CNC machine manufacturer, it can supply standard CNC machines and complicated automatic likes. Its 5 axis CNC machine center with G mode, has greatly advance the processing accuracy and production efficiency.


cnc milling machine grob




EMAG CNC milling machine




As a manufacturer of surgical instruments since 1920. CHIRON will continue to set the standards in high-speed cutting and high-speed manufacturing. Over 30K articles are sold worldwide. It mainly focus on surgical instruments.


Chiron CNC milling machine




Hermle is founded in 1938, one of the most famous machine tools manufacturers in German. Its 5-axis CNC milling machine is always at the top level in the world. Its machine has great power on the medium-small size parts with complicated curve surfaces, minus angle processing, high precession processing, and high-speed processing, etc.






Haas is a USA backgrounded machine tools suppliers. Its CNC mill, CNC Lathe is smart and precise. Haas has its own CNC controller too.


HAAS CNC milling machine



Why Rigid Tapping Function is important for a CNC Milling Machine?


In normal processing, you will use G74/G84 to do tapping work. In this procedure, the spindle’s rotation and Z-axis feed are controlled separately, the acceleration speed of the spindle and Z-axis are also dealt with specially.


When the tapping work goes to the bottom of the hole, the spindle and feed axis‘s speed decrease until they stop. And then accelerate their speed to do reverse rotation. So, it is hard to make accurate tapping, also the teeth might be in chaos. At this moment, the accuracy could only be improved by the spring of the flexible tool collet.


Under rigid tapping, the spindle rotation and feed axis are always synchronized. It means the spindle’s rotation speed and its position are both controlled in the same time. The interpolation must be performed during spindle rotation and tapping axis, even in the acceleration and deceleration of hole bottom processing, it has to meet with the condition P=F/S, then the accuracy could be assured.


P: Pitch (mm)

F: Feed (mm/min.)

S: Spindle speed (RPM)


So, you can find that with rigid tapping you can:


1.  Improve the thread accuracy and appearance

2. Maximize the production capacity as the spindle rotation and Z-axis movement are synchronized

3.Perform deep hole tapping and deep thread processing


How to Replace the Cutting Fluid of CNC Milling Machines?




  • Clean the CNC machines
  • Use fresh cleaning fluid at a certain destiny into the chip tray.
  • Drain all the cutting fluid after 48 hours
  • Clean all the chips, garbage’s, etc inside the machine
  • Deeply clean the working table, cover, chip tray, etc.
  • Add water into the chip tray and doing the inner cycle 15min.
  • Drain all the water
  • Add the fresh cutting fluid into the chip tray
  • Start the machine and perform cycle movement.




  • Prepare a clean barrel and stern;
  • According to the capacity of the chip tray, calculating how many origins of cutting fluid might be needed.
  • Pour the water into the barrel first, then add a certain origin fluid,
  • DO NOT pour water into the origin cutting fluid




Test the PH value: 8.5-9.2 every twice a week

Remove the floating oil in the chip tray every week

Check the cutting fluid level, make sure it remains 80% of the full height.

Replace the cutting fluid every 2months.



Do you Really need On-Site Service for CNC Milling Machine?


Normal China factory will offer paid first on-site service for overseas clients. But if your supplier is reliable, you don’t really need it.


As long as they can tidy a clear operation guide for install, maintain the machine, and they can respond to your question in the video, phone call, and file in word and picture.


Then you can save the cost.


How to Solve Spindle Noise Problem of CNC Milling Machine?


Spindle Noise normally comes from 3 reasons:

  • Spindle bearing broke


Under this situation, it will take around USD1200.00-USD2000.00 or more to replace all the bearings.


Bearings inside the spindle are very vital parts, we always use NSK, FAG, etc.


It is a very professional job to replace the spindle bearing, contact the supplier or local service.


  • Blossom rubber pad broke


If you could make sure that the bearings are good, check if the rubber pad is broken. It is between the spindle motor and the spindle. Replace the new one.


CNC spindle rubber pad


  • Pneumatic system


This is the last possibility of the noise caused by it. Check the pneumatic valve, button, and the whole circuit.


Exclude the possibility one by one.


Which Machine is Better for Metal Processing, CNC Milling Machine or CNC Drilling and Tapping Machine?


 To determine how to choose CNC machines, you have to fully understand what your aim is.


If the parts are small and light with mass quantities, and it mostly focuses on drilling and tapping work, a CNC drilling and tapping machine would be the right one.


However, if the parts need milling surface or milling slot, boring and  CNC milling machine with linear way, and high-speed spindle would be a nice choice.


Compared with the CNC milling machine, the CNC drilling and tapping machine has a faster moving speed in 3 axes and less tool change time, but its heavy cut and 3 axes travel are the disadvantages.


FunctionCNC Milling MachineCNC Drilling and Tapping Machine
Three Axes Travel 
Fast Feed 
Tool Changing Time 
Cutting Depth 



So you have to figure out what is the key factor to make that decision.